About Me

Hi, I am Sasha Heart.
I am in my mid 20's and I live in Australia.

I write and draw because I love it, and because I need it as an outlet for all the crazy stuff going on in my head.
I started blogging just so that I would have somewhere to vent my emotions, exorcise my demons, and express my creativity, but as I got going I realised the real reason why I want to write a blog. It's because I have a story. A story that many people can relate to, but that very few people will talk about openly and honestly.

I have always been different to other kids, but when I was 17 something happened that pushed me over the edge. I developed PTSD and depression. I was suicidal and struggling with every aspect of my life. (You can read the full story here)

I'm not in crisis any more, but when I was, I was desperate to find something, or someone that I could relate to. Someone who would understand, and be blunt and honest. Not someone who would bombard me with virtual hugs and hollow words.

I never found it and I ended up hating the internet community for not being what I needed. It felt like everyone was just full of it to be perfectly honest.
So I guess that's the real reason I write this blog. I am trying to be the person that I wish I had been able to find online. Someone who is honest about the anger, bitterness and utter hopelessness of depression but also about what it's like learning to move on and find some kind of peace and happiness.

I tell my story, and also the story of a lot of other people that I have met along the way, in the hopes that someone will read it and it will help them to feel just a tiny bit less alone.

What I write is often uncomfortable and controversial, but it is honest and it is important.



I don't always publish my work to communities or whatever, so follow me on G+ or find me on twitter (I'm @shadowheart90) if you want to keep up to date with my work and my life.


  1. I already want to read it. 8^>

    1. Hooray! Thanks Just1more.
      I'll keep that in mind when I'm finished. ;]

  2. I too can relate, sorry to hear you have to deal with these things, you are so strong! I just found your blog and I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    Take care xx