Sunday, 12 April 2015


He lends me his strength and it is my strength.
He lends me his power and his grace.
He is the peace that quiets my heart,
and the warmth in the smile on my face.

He is the speed of wind over mountains,
a cresting wave in the wild raging sea.
He is patient as snowflakes falling,
and all this he gives freely to me.

He is fearless and strong and kind.
He is gentle when there is need.
He is huge and intelligent and wild,
and with him I feel myself freed.

With each hour he makes me better.
He shares all the best parts of his soul.
I never knew what I was missing,
until we met and he made me whole.

I know I can never deserve him.
Beside his greatness I'll always be small.
But each day he lifts me higher,
and gives me the strength I need to stand tall.

To many people he is just a horse,
but to me he will always be more.
He is a friend and a constant reminder,
that there are still things worth living for.

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