Monday, 21 April 2014


No one knows what lies beneath the shadows, not even the darkest soul.
He has gone at last into oblivion, where no one can see his crimson tears and hear his endless scream.
I want to vanish away with him.
I wish to dance in the abyss and be an eternal shadow.
With these bloody hands I'll end my life and stand beside him once again.
I have nothing left and so I shall go. I'll catch his tears. I'll listen to him screaming, and ill tell him one last time.
That which I wanted to tell him, before he left this world.
I love him.


  1. beautiful. Love the imagery and the nostalgia emotion I felt from it.

    1. Thanks very much. Its one of my favourites.
      Even though I wrote it quite a while ago, it still resonates with me.

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