Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beautiful World

With the sound of roaring thunder,
and water diamonds in the air.
A river falling over clifftop,
reckless wonder with no care.

With the quiet drip of something,
deep within the ground.
Caves of infinite darkness,
so many treasures to be found.

With thin air that's hard for breathing,
high above it all.
Mountains touching heaven,
hear the universe call.

With green at every turn,
and nature all around.
Timeless forest growing,
lost in sight and sound.

With music and with laughter
with light drowning stars.
People revel through the city,
driving in fast cars.

With an ever restless soul,
and blue horizon eyes.
I have seen so much of the world,
beneath these endless skies.

The world is a beautiful place,
with many amazing things to do.
But for all my endless wanders,
I know one thing to be true.

Though there is still so much I haven't done,
I would rather just sit and waste my time with you.

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