Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Full Moon Rising

The full moon gets to rising
and sets the world aflame.
Wild blood starts racing,
through even tamest vein.

The mist settles slowly,
onto grass and leaf and skin.
Walk through liquid moonlight,
and feel the madness begin.

Tread soft through the shadows,
grudge any sound you make.
You don't know is watching,
don't know who else is awake.

Civility stripped from bones,
as the full moon is cresting high.
Join the wolves in howling,
to the lonely silent sky.

Skin shivering with instinct pure,
black shadow falling behind.
Bare silver teeth in starlight,
hunt and ye shall find.

The rush of adrenalin pumping,
stalk and chase and devour.
Give yourself over to darkness.
Revel in the witching hour.

Black wet blood in moonlight,
covers skin so shining pale.
Eyes glow fever bright,
watching over mountain trail.

Patient, waiting hunter,
merciless killing beast.
Pick your teeth and wait for more,
of the full moon madness feast.

Rippling electricity,
the dark is torn with cries.
Lunacy of those who live.
Agony of those who die.

The full moon sets in treetops,
then disappears without a trace,
we are all left alone with nothing
but cold reality's embrace.


  1. Love it! The moon is so inspiring, well done :D

  2. Thanks Katie.
    I'm glad you liked it :]