Sunday, 31 May 2015

Give Me Love

Though the night has never been darker,
my eyes are filled with stars.
Though the air is frozen around me,
my heart is warm with the fire of Mars.

The god of war fights a raging battle,
of my heart against my mind.
The desire to keep on loving you,
versus the need to leave you behind.

With our promises kept like secrets,
and all my secrets spilled like lies.
I still need your arms around me,
but I'm wrapped up in empty skies.

Pinprick stars are hope still held,
the bright moon is the mistake I can't ignore.
My faith in our future ruined,
by all the times we broke before.

There were the times that I broke you,
and the times we broke each other.
But also the sweet lingers tingle,
of the night you first became my lover.

So how can I let go,
of the soft need within your kiss,
or the way you stole my breath,
when my name fell from your lips?

I still need your love, like I needed you,
right from the very start.
So give me all the love you have,
in every little piece of your broken heart.

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