Wednesday, 7 May 2014


She is awake, but you wouldn't know it. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is soft and even.
She lets her mind wander back through the haze of memories from last night and starts to piece together where she is and how she got there.
It started out as after work drinks on a typical Friday night, but with maybe a few too many bourbons. When everyone should have been making excuses about other commitments or early morning yoga classes and heading home to bed, some some devil of a person came up with the brilliant idea of going out to a club.
More drinks on that dark sweaty sardine can of a dance floor combined with the hypnotic music pulsing through her body, and the guys from the office started looking pretty good.
She locked eyes with Jerry from accounting and smiled seductively. Then....nothing.
Her pounding brain refuses to relinquish any further information without at least a coffee, but that must be where she is. The warm body the she can feel in the bed next to her must be Jerry's. With a silent groan she imagines the hell that Monday will bring. The gossip will travel like wildfire and by morning tea nowhere will be safe from her co-worker's judgemental looks.
Pulling herself back from her mortification, and an inventory of all the places in the office that would be large enough to hide in until this all blows over, she begins to contemplate the task of getting out of this bed, out of this apartment, without him waking. Maybe if she is lucky he wont remember what happened and without finding her naked in his bed, he wont have the proof needed to tell the story.
Contemplating the amount of light filtering through her eyelids, she realises that it is still almost completely dark in the room. The only light is from a street lamp which is filtering into the room through half closed curtains.
"Yes! Finally a win!" She thinks to herself. In the darkness her chances of slipping out unnoticed increase.
She slowly opens her eyes and confirms her suspicion. It's still night.
Forgetting to keep up the charade of natural sleeping breathing, she holds her breath and slowly, inch by inch, folds the covers back off herself. There is a tense moment when his breathing falters and all might be lost, but with a light snore he rolls away from her to face the wall.
"Another win!"
Moving with more confidence now, she sits up and turns herself around so that she is perched lightly on the edge of the bed. She feels around on the floor and gradually finds all her clothes. She doesn't even bother with her underwear, just gets slowly up off the bed and pulls on her jeans, quietly zips up her jacket and  stuffs everything else into the pockets of her jacket.
Creeping to the open door she gives herself a mental pat on the back for her supreme stealth and mourns the successful career she could have had as a ninja.
Turning to take one last look at the sleeping man now all alone in his giant bed she is shocked to find eyes staring back at her.
Softy sleep bedroom eyes struggled to make sense of why she was across the room and not wrapped up in his arms where she belonged.
She takes a breath and prepares to turn on her heel and stalk dramatically from the room but the hurt in his eyes gives her pause. It weakens her resolve with each passing breath as he looks into her eyes.
With a crooked grin he shrugs, "Hey, it didn't really go how I planned it either. I would much rather know that you remembered our first night together, but you practically barged down my door and wouldn't really take no for an answer. What's a guy to do?" He laughs at the memory and seeing the worried look on her face adds, "You can go if you want, forget that it ever happened. I wont hold it against you, I swear."
Quickly sorting through the muddled memories of the night before she finds some vague recollections of abandoning Jerry on the dance floor and making her way to Scott's house, desperate to see him and tell him how she felt. The look in his eyes makes her think that she succeeded and spilled her guts, saying way more than anyone should say to someone after only a few dates.
But he didn't seem to mind, maybe he even felt the same way. Her still hungover brain struggles to make sense of it all so giving up on thinking it all through, she takes a running leap and casts it all into the wind and throws herself back into his arms. With passionate kisses she endeavours to replace the blurry drunken memories from the previous night with ones that she will never forget.

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