Monday, 24 November 2014

My own way.

You tell me to make more friends.
That I can't be happy on my own.
You tell me that more is merrier.
That I shouldn't be alone.

I have a few good friends you know,
but not enough you say.
I'd rather quality over quantity.
I'll make friends my own way.

You tell me to leave the house more
To get out and run around.
But I believe in stillness,
where peace can still be found.

You want to see me at parties,
today and every other day.
But I'd rather a quiet gathering,
I'll celebrate my own way.

You tell me to go to cities,
with lights and people and sound.
You want me to drink and party,
where all other people are found.

I'd rather walk in the forest,
and breathe salt sea spray.
I'll not go where you want me.
I'll travel my own way.

I need more things in my house,
you say I need more lavish luxury.
I like my old fashioned things.
Why wont you just let me be?

You want me ultra modern,
all black and steel grey.
I want soft country colours.
I'll decorate in my own way.

You tell me to change jobs.
You hate my long commute.
But I don't really mind it.
I get to relax en route.

You say I could do better,
that I deserve more pay.
But I don't need more money.
I'll work my own way.

You want me to be happy.
On this we can agree.
But the life that made you happy,
will not work the same for me.

I might regret this in the future,
and wish I'd let you lead me astray.
But for now I ask you simply,
to let me live my life my own way.

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