Thursday, 27 November 2014

Death Undeserved

The radio announcer cries,
"Oh why did it have to be him?
Couldn't someone else have gone,
someone filled with sin?"

So ready to dish out death,
to those you think deserve it more,
as a trade for someone great,
someone you adore.

"Such a shame, he was so young,
and so full of talent too.
Why not take someone in prison?
Why not take them in lieu?"

I say, "Who are you to play god?
Who are you to choose?
Even if you save him,
someone else will always loose."

Please don't read this wrong.
Know that I am saddened too,
by this life lost, and every other,
all tragedy coming true.

I understand you might not mean it,
these awful words you said.
I just want to caution against,
trying to trade someone for the dead.

Life isn't always fair.
We all know this to be true,
but wishing someone else dead instead,
is a disgusting thing to do.

RIP Phillip Hughes

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