Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Greatest Fiction

I am my greatest work of fiction,
a perfect work of art.
A person created from nothing,
complete with all except a heart.

I am a million different threads,
of lives I pretend to lead.
Tell me how you want me,
I'll be anything you need.

If you want, I can be the hero,
I can play the bad guy too.
Just as long as I can be something,
someone who matters to you.

Half forged and half forgotten,
many threads no longer used.
The people they were made for,
no longer caught up in the ruse.

Different colours for different people
but only one is really me.
My thread is black and fraying,
no longer someone safe to be.

I'm lost in all these masks,
that I plaster onto my face.
I've no idea what I'd be,
without a mask in place.

Don't try to understand,
my patterns colourful whirl.
There's no truth left within,
I'm just a lie in the shape of a girl.

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