Sunday, 8 March 2015

Watching Eyes

My skin prickles,
heart races,
soul feels,
your watching eyes.

I wonder what,
you think
you see,
within my lies.

Phantom watching,
me from
my heart denies.

You don't care,
to share,
my broken skies.

Was not my choice,
to watch
you go,
leave me behind.

Forgotten friend,
you left
me alone,
and said goodbye.

Then from the blue,
I hear
you say,
we're still allies.

It's kind of nice,
to know
you're there,
to hear my cries.

I never let go,
even if
I gave,
you no replies.

You are not the
one who's
watching the skies

Can you feel it,
in your,
heart beat?
I'm watching Eyes.

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