Monday, 24 August 2015


Sunshine, rainbows and butterfly wings,
Little girls are made up of the prettiest things. 
Eyes opened wide and mouths made to smile, 
Tiny laughing creatures, make all the pain worthwhile. 

As each day ends, some of the light fades away, 
But little girls, forever, you wish they would stay. 
Sunshine becomes secrets and smiles turn to dust. 
Innocence corrupted as love turns to lust.

Little girls must grow up,
I'm sorry but it's true. 
But you say she will always
be that little girl to you. 

Life wreaks havoc and even butterflies break. 
Counting stars is replaced by a tally of mistakes. 
Headaches and heartbreaks and goals not achieved. 
Yelling and crying from lies not believed. 

Falling short of expectations,
and losing the will to try. 
Let go of little girl perfection,
or your young woman may say goodbye. 


  1. nice one. youre so great at this

    1. Thank you foxingpages. That's very kind of you. :)