Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year!!

Hello beautiful internet friends. Welcome to 2016!

I have no idea how 2015 disappeared so quickly but I am so glad that it did. Last year was absolutely rubbish for a number of personal reasons. Some people I love passed away, pets got sick, people got sick and then they got sicker. My parents just about ran themselves into the ground trying to help everyone and I ran myself into the ground trying to help them.
But now it's over and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start fresh with a brand new year.

I'm not one for making New Year's resolutions. They never seem to work out and failing makes me sad so I tend to go with the idea that if you don't try then you can't fail. To be honest, it's not the best way to go through life, and I'm getting kind of sick of getting to the end of each year and finding that I'm exactly where I was when the year started.

We have the power to change our lives any time we want. We can tell someone we love them, or go for a run, or travel the world. Despite the fact that we could do these things, we don't. I think it's largely because for most people, our goals exist only as a little list written in the smallest, darkest corners of our hearts. We tell no one of the amazing feats we dream of achieving, which makes us accountable to no one but ourselves. This means that if we fail, no one has to know that we failed. And if we succeed, we can emerge at the end of the year as a glorious butterfly and no one has to know that we worked our butts off every day to get there.

So this year I'm going to do things properly. I'm not going to rely on the magical power of New Year's resolutions to make all my dreams come true. I am going to give myself some goals to work towards each day. But I'm also going to share them on here with all of you so you can help keep me on track. :]

  1. I will write every day. Doesn't matter if it's a few scribbled lines of poetry, posts on here, writing in my journal, or proper short stories and creative writing.  
  2. I will exercise and/or ride my horses every day.
  3. I will go out more/actually do things with people when they invite me.
  4. When I haven't seen my friends in a while, I will call them and ask them how they are.
  5. I will grow my own food and try to eat more healthy stuff. 

I know I'm going to fail sometimes (It's only the 4th of Jan and I have already slipped up a bit) but hopefully having this list will help me make the changes I want in my life.

I'm totally keen to help anyone on here with their resolutions or goals too. Most studies show that these things are more successful if you have a buddy. So lets be buddies.
We can chat about what we want to achieve and spill the beans when we slip up. :]

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  1. I like this :) I think there comes a point that we realize it is not about the resolutions, but on our determination and realistic views to make changes, and how bad we want the end-result.