Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A new day.

Get lost in the silence inside you,
and the sound of your slow beating heart.
In the darkness of this old day ending,
a new one is preparing to start.

I'm still trying to figure this life out,
still trying to get something right.
But I know I'll get there some day,
I'm not ready to give up this fight.

Though every breath is a struggle,
and every day brings torture unknown.
I'll fight to make something from nothing,
to build a life of my own.

From the shadow of death I will rise,
into golden sunlight once more.
I'll find beauty in all that surrounds me.
I'll find something worth living for.

I'm still lost in the silence inside me,
but there is life in my quick beating heart.
I see the light of the sun almost rising,
this is the day when my life will start.


  1. I like this. It moved me. Very inspiring.

    A couple of possible typos?

    3.2: everY day?
    4.3: in What surrounds?

    1. Hey. Glad you like it.
      Thanks for noticing the typos.