Sunday, 6 July 2014

Wishes in the Rain

I wish today were rainy,
it would reflect the way I feel.
I could sit and cry and wonder why,
this is the only thing that's real.

I wish that I could forget you,
and the life and the love that we shared.
I wish I could forget how you left me,
so alone and unprepared.

I wish that some day I might find you,
so we can be together once more.
We could have life and love and happiness,
just like we had before.

I wish the days would go faster,
and bring me close by your side.
I always said I would live for you,
but I'm starting to think that  I lied.

I wish the blood would flow faster,
as my veins begin to run dry.
I'm drifting off to see you again,
my tears are happy as I die.

I wish today were sunny,
it would give me hope for something new.
I could sit and think of happy things,
like my future life in heaven with you.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you are writing
    It is sad to see so much suffering though.
    I feel sorry and bad...