Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Farewell to you, my love

I'll take the train to nowhere.
I'll leave my heart behind.
There is a whole world fading behind me,
but still so much more to find.

Endless possibilities before me,
a million decisions to make.
A broken man beside me,
thus far my only mistake.

I have learned to break a promise,
and how to cleave a heart in two.
I have seen and done most everything,
as part of my life here with you.

But every end is a new beginning,
or so they have said to me.
It's time to close this chapter,
this is no longer where I should be.

I thought you were the cure,
for this lonely restless heart.
But the end of this relationship,
is where my real life will start.

I'll bid farewell to you, my love,
and the life that we have shared.
It's time to sever all these ties,
and travel forward unimpaired.

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