Thursday, 17 July 2014

Falling in Love

As the wind through the trees we will run
The world will stop, and life will end, but we will run
When nothing is everything and all that we are, we will stop
and sit in the moonlight.

Side by side the world will spin
and words will suddenly fail you.
My smile in your heart will give light to the night,
and we will have a clear view.
From nothing we will see a world of our own, brand new
and ripe for the taking.

Typical me, I capture it all, from grass blade, to hill top,
to star filled night sky.
As usual you sit and see nothing but me, through the tears
that cover your eye.
Fixated on beauty but not the same kind,
we both stare through our hearts with wonder.

Distracted by music that flows from your skin,
we laugh to the song of the river.
The ground beneath us swallows my feet,
and with your breath in my skin I shiver.
When your eyes are alight with the glow of your heart,
I find that I can deny you no longer.

At last I finally meet your eyes, I can feel
your heart beating with mine.
I have never heard your life's rhythm before, not once
in all this long time.
When the silence settles and nothing dares move,
I'll whisper your name to the aether.

You kept your secret buried deep inside
 through all these lonely years,
But now your heart is mine to keep,
you are smiling through your tears.
When the sun rises from the earth and my lips find yours,
our hearts burst into fire.

My hand will hold yours until the ending of time. 
I am a tree. My fingers are roots. You are the earth.
My life.

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