Monday, 25 August 2014


Walking down the road, headlights shine through me.
How did I get here? We were so happy .

I must have missed when you started to hate
I should have stopped you and escaped this fate .

Here in the gutter, you left me broken,
Alone since, not a  word I have spoken

People must see me, when the light is right,
I know 'coz they jump, and scream loud in fright

But walking along this cold empty street,
You are the one I am hoping to meet

I owe you one for what you did that day
you left me to die and ran on your way

Silent tears are drifting slow down my face
That night from my mind, I cannot erase

Now I am nothing, I'll never be free
I'll find and kill you, you did this to me. 

This is something I wrote for a challenge in one of the communities that I am a part of. 
The challenge was to write something related to the word 'Death' only using 10 syllable lines. :]
If you have any ideas/writings for this challenge, feel free to post in the comments below. 

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