Sunday, 3 August 2014

On your Wedding Day

I wish you all the best,
on this, your wedding day.
I hope that love, joy and happiness,
will always come your way.

The two of you are bound,
by the promises you have made.
In the eyes of God you joined as one,
with love that can never fade.

Being married wont be easy,
and it might not always be fun.
When it's hard just remember,
when you met, and found the one.

Together you will be tested,
but there will be many good times too.
Always let understanding and compassion,
guide the things you say and do.

A long and happy life together,
stretches out at both your feet.
Based on all you have achieved so far,
I'm sure there is no challenge you can't beat.

When, still standing side by side,
you both are old and grey,
I hope your love it just as strong,
as on this, your wedding day.


  1. I love the imagery connecting present truth & future wishes in a complete set of ideals.

    I hope one day someone will write me something as meaningful & profound as this poem that clearly comes from the heart.

    1. Hi Mairim.
      Thanks for the comment. I am so glad you enjoyed this one. Hopefully the person I wrote it for will like it too. :]

      I hope you find someone to write pretty things for you too.
      In the meantime maybe you can write them for yourself... That's what I do. :]