Sunday, 17 August 2014

You Make Me

You make me want to live for ever, just so that I can see every ray of sun that ever kissed your skin. Bouncing around the universe into infinity. You make me want to live forever so that I can drink every drop of rain that ever fell at your feet. I need to steal the things that touched you. I need to swallow them whole so that no one can ever claim you but me. You make one life time of loving you not even close to being enough.
This wasn't me, but you have changed me. I never wanted to live forever until you smile touched my lips. I never wanted to live forever until your skin was so soft beneath my finger tips.

You make me want to smile. A million teeth and lips as wide as the ocean. You make me want to laugh so loud the stars can hear. Te deafen everyone else so that your voice is mine alone. You make me want to change the world. To make it perfect for you, to reflect your glory.
You make me want to pull the light from the sun and cast it as a halo around you. To consume the smell of your skin.

You make me want to give you up. You make me want to quit you. Like a drug in my blood I need you. I crave you. I will die without you. But I am a drug in your system too. I'm the kind that isn't good, the kind that will just bring you down. I'm not good for you. I'm not good enough for you.

You make me want to fight for you. To cast the world into ruins if it offends you. You make me want to be a better man. You make me into a white knight in shining armour. You make me willing to die to protect you. It would kill me if anything ever hurt you.

You make me want to build palaces for you. To make the world beautiful. Gardens everywhere alight with fireflies and fairy lights. You make me want to fill the night with fireworks. Green and gold and red. Love blooming in the night sky. You make me want to hold you. Cradle you to me chest. You make me want to listen to the melody of your soft breathing in the morning. To your heart fluttering with life. You make me live just to hear you say my name.

You make me want to die right now to preserve this precious feeling. To sink into nothing with this smile plastered across my face. You make me want to vanish into the perfect happiness inside my heart.

You make me want to take you with me. So that we can be forever as one side by side. It can never be more perfect than now. Nothing could ever be more complete than you and I. I have peaked. I cannot lose you. I cannot bare for this feeling to change.

This is what you do to me. You make me into all the things I have never wanted to be.
You make me...confused.


  1. I do one poem a day because for different reasons (not all bad) each one makes me cry. These are all beautiful S keep it up Your passion is permeating. D.S.S.Less

  2. Thank you D.S.S.Less.
    You are far too kind. I am so glad you have connected to my work, but I am sorry to have made you cry.
    I hope I can also write things that make you smile. :]